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15 Really Cool Jobs That Let You Enjoy Full-Time Travel!

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Travelling is great. Except, during a pandemic, you can’t really do much of it – unless it’s part of your job scope! It’s times like these where we miss moving across the globe, and also have time to re-think our life (and career) choices. To blur the two would be amazing – travel is an expensive investment, although you do gain a lot of priceless memories. Club this with a job, and you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune, or saving – in fact, you’ll be doing the opposite: earning money!

Read on to know more about how you can make travelling a permanent part of your life.

1.      Government/International Relations Jobs

There are a few jobs you can take as part of the Government – such as being a diplomat – that allow you to travel. Although these require quite a lot of preparation and dedication (including some tough exams on the way), they are valued highly and you can serve your nation in the process. You will probably be holding a new passport by the end of it – and standing in a new country as well! These are more long-term and require some commitment, so once you get in you may not be able to get out easily. But it is definitely worth the effort.

2.      English Teaching

For some reason, there always seem to be vacancies in the English teaching community. Many countries actively search for qualified teachers, so if you can crack IELTS or TOEFL and are a good teacher, this one’s for you! You may even be able to take on ESL (English as a Second Language) jobs in schools or communities, and gain exposure through educating professionally.


3.      Flight Attendants

Picture this: you’re 30,000 feet in the air. Your other crew members are there to keep you company, along with passengers who are seated. You see the sun rise in front of your eyes, and when you land, you get off in a new country. Cool, isn’t it? This could be your reality if you’re a flight attendant.

However, this will come along with irregular sleep, long working hours, unsupportive passengers, and learning all the proper etiquette and techniques necessary for the part. Keep that in mind!

4.      Volunteer Work

Doing volunteer work is one way of guilt-free travel – you’re helping others whilst helping yourself too! But make sure to choose your projects carefully. Often, humanitarian work is given in places that have local resources – which make the latter underutilized. Choose organizations that empower locals in the long-term, such as contributing to awareness of local crafts/ empowering local teachers with resources and training. Do this instead of building infrastructure (which locals would know how to do, considering their knowledge about the land and its resources) or helping out in local produce.

5.      Cruise Ship Careers

Working on cruise ships means that you’ll be able to travel across the Seven Seas full-time! Provided you’re not prone to seasickness, that is. There are many such careers to be found on board, such as attendants, clergy, entertainers, restaurant occupations, or even lifeguards. Although these may sound glamorous, they come with a lot of hard work. You may not be able to get out and explore cities as much as you would like, but many cruise operators do allow their staff to get off the ship on breaks.

6.      Travel and Teach

Teaching opportunities aren’t just lacking in English. There are many ways you could use your knowledge to help others abroad. Maybe you know how to perform Bharatanatyam, are a certified Yoga instructor, or are an expert at crochet. Either way, there’s always a window out there for you! Do your research before you get on the plane, get any certifications you need, and go forth!

7.      Translators and Interpreters

This job comes in many different levels. You could be a translator for a local school, or even for the nearest Embassy! Choosing the option that covers your comfort level and priorities ensures maximum satisfaction – for you, and the person whom you are working for. Make sure you write all the necessary examinations of the language you are planning to translate, and are well-versed in the nuances and culture of the country you are planning to travel to. This narrows down the options of places you will be able to travel (for work), but ensures that your experience there is enriched.

8.      Journalism and Blogging

Do you have the skill needed to start a travel blog and make it successful? Or maybe you are well-versed in the realm of writing for travel? Either way, you could make this a profession and monetarily benefit from it – whilst travelling, of course! Many famous travel-related companies like NatGeo, BBC and Lonely Planet employ on-field writers to publish articles for them. You could be next!


9.      Fitness Instructors

If you’re a fitness buff or know a lot about how to keep fit, you could make a profit out of it, too! Many gyms and fitness centers across the world are on the look out for good staff, and maybe you’re the one they have in mind. Often, you will need to have prior working experience, be able to demonstrate your abilities, and have a certification for the same. This improves your credibility and gives them no reason to refuse!



10. International Aid Workers

Working for the United Nations in areas of the World that require urgent assistance is a valiant and good-willed occupation. You get the chance to travel to otherwise inaccessible territories, and are able to provide aid for those who need it most – in a way that could benefit them well. Instead of being the person who donates, you could be the one who is on-field helping war-torn societies with those donations. Remember that this is not a job for the weak-hearted, but it is one that supports many.

11. Hostel Occupations

Hostels are prevalent in any country you go to. A popular alternative to hotels, these establishments are more casual and have greater freedom. You can just walk into one and see if they have an opening, or do your research beforehand and then settle on one that is a good fit for you. Either way, make sure it is a professional and well set-up place in a connected area – to ensure your safety and salary!

12. Influencers

Being an influencer online is a job that many seek. It comes with fame, followers… And lots of flights for you! Depending on the type of influencer you aim to be, you could opt for one that allows you to travel and vlog. Upon becoming popular (which is where the risk sets in – that you need to be popular to be successful), you would be able to snag good brand deals and maybe even become an ambassador – leading to more and more travel. Choose a platform that suits your style of marketing – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, WordPress, YouTube, or all of them!

13. Be an Au Pair

An au Pair is a helper from another country (which could be you), who travel to live with a host family – and help them with childcare and housework. If you are good with kids and dream of managing your own home someday, this could be you! Typically, Au Pairs are unmarried and are legal adults between the ages of 18-30. Although, you could still pick up this job after that as well.


14. Special Events Planners

Being an events planner means you’re going to be planning the A to Z for someone’s important day – be it a graduation ceremony, wedding, or the Olympic banquet! If you get really good at your job, you’d gain recognition and well-known clients that could propel your career abroad. Destination weddings are common as well, and this allows you to travel and work at the same time.



15. Anthropologists, Archaeologists and Cartographers

Studying culture, history and geography in school does come in handy – here. Following migratory patterns, unearthing dinosaur remnants or charting territories of the World are all things people of these professions do: along with travelling, that is. This isn’t a very common job scope, and not all people from these professions travel. But if travel is what you want, you could definitely choose a specialization that allows for the same.

And there you have it! Professions that allow you to travel the World and get paid, too. Of course, each comes with its own difficulties –  but its own benefits, too! If you’d like to get a visa to ensure your travel is hiccup-free, check out our website at Visa2Fly.com! Check out our other blogs on solo travel and language learning platforms, so you’re updated on the coolest ways to travel!

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