Apply Visa Online

Apply Visa Online: How To Get A Travel Visa And When To Get One?

Apply Visa Online

Equip yourself ahead of time, and make sure you own everything you might need before you head on your way. Find out which countries demand a travel visa, which doesn’t, and how to apply visa online for a travel visa for those that do.

Before we take down the road of how to apply for a travel visa, let’s first discuss what exactly a travel visa is, why you need one, and how to discover whether the country you are planning to visit, requires a travel visa or not.

What is a travel visa? 

A travel visa is an official document that permits you to lawfully enter a foreign country, for a specific period. There are numerous different types of travel visas you can apply for. Travelers, students, or business visas are among one of the most popular ones. Most visas are customarily stamped on your passport. 

What is the purpose of the travel visa? 

Visas are essential if you’d like to visit a country that does not hold a visa policy in place with your residence country. Many nations have visa policies and protocols that permit their citizens to travel unobstructedly between them without the need to apply visa online. Take the United States and Canada, for example, a travel visa is not needed when a Canadian citizen visits the U.S. and vice versa. In such a case, your valid foreign credentials such as a passport are enough. However, if a U.S. citizen wants to visit Brazil or China – in such cases, they must show a travel visa.

Apply Visa Online

How To Identify Whether You Need A Travel Visa Or Not? 

Considering where you are traveling, some countries may ask you to show a visa, while others will allow a particular threshold for the number of days visiting before wanting a visa. 

Now that we are aware of what a travel visa is and why we need one, now let’s talk about how to apply visa online for one. 

Generally talking, the process apply visa online is very similar across many countries around the world. Some nations will not permit you to visit unless you have finished the visa application process in advance. While other nations will give you the choice to finish the application upon arrival or may not demand one at all. First, let’s examine all the steps one must follow if they choose to apply for a travel visa in advance.

Documents Required For A Travel Visa

After you have determined the country you would like to travel, you will be obligated to apply visa online or offline with the embassy of the country you plan on visiting, as well as presenting a few helping documents. 

Given below is the list that includes the most commonly demanded supporting documents when you apply for a travel visa:

  • Memorandum of invitatio

  • Photocopy of the information sheet of your passport

  • A couple of size-appropriate photographs

  • Documentation of financial support throughout the trip

  • Travel insurance

  • Traveling ticket

  • Proof for purpose of travel

  • Visa application fees


How to apply for a travel visa?

Go to the tourism or immigration segment on the official government website of the country you plan on touring. Fill out the essential travel visa application and be sure to add any supporting papers demanded such as the ones we mentioned above. 

Let’s say you are a non-citizen interested in traveling to America for a holiday or would like to come on a work visa. Here is a step by step process for applying for a travel visa.

  • Complete the Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application (DS-160) form with accurate details.

  • Pay the visa application fee.

  • Schedule the appointment for your interview. 

Apply Visa Online

In order to schedule your appointment, you must keep the following information handy i:

    • The passport number

    • The receipt number from your Visa Fee receipt. 

    • The10 digit barcode number from your confirmation page

    • Visit the U.S. Embassy on the mentioned date and time of your visa interview. Do not forget to carry a printed copy of your appointment letter, your DS-160 affirmation page, one photo taken within the last six months and your current and all former passports. 

Do remember that applications without all of these documents will not be accepted.


Types of questions asked during an interview –

  • What is the reason behind your travel to the United States?

  • What is the reason behind choosing this specific time?

  • Do you hold any criminal record?

  • Are you traveling with your spouse or any other family member?

  • Who will you be visiting?

  • What is the duration of your stay?

  • Have you booked your airline tickets?

  • Do you own any health insurance for this trip?

  • Are you planning to return to your home country after this trip?

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